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Adding a remote monitoring service to your video and IP surveillance system or access control system is an excellent way to maximize your protection. Monitoring safely transmits the signals from your security system to a control room, where they are observed at all times.


Using our monitoring service is a cost-effective way to increase your security because you don't need to maintain on-site security personnel. If you do use on-site personnel, monitoring frees up their time for activities more important than checking door locks.

Real-time monitoring gives you an added layer of security

Those observers can notify law enforcement, fire departments, or any other appropriate agency if something occurs on your property. Monitoring provides a much faster response to events than you get with an unattended video recording system.


Monitors can keep track of any of your networked security precautions, including panic buttons, door alarms, video systems, and fire alarms.

Help is on the way

You can count on us for the around-the-clock observation that protects your business, your assets, and your employees.

Monitor Video monitoring

Call to arrange 24/7 monitoring of your security system.


We stand behind the manufacturers' warranties on everything we install, and you get a 1-year warranty on the installation work.